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This is the web applications server for the University Libraries. If there is a problem with an application please contact Martin Dessart, Jason Steelman, or Craig Spurrier in the Systems office. Listed below are the applications that are based or partially run off of this server. Some applications are restricted to staff use only and require authentication.

Academic Databases

Acadia - Electronic Resources Database | Control Panel
This database was designed to allow patrons and librarians to browse and sort the multiple electronic resources that the library subscribes to. It also allows librarians to manage and update the links and entries. This has been updated since Spring 2010.
Department: Multiple (Reference, Science, etc)

Music Library Recital Catalog | Control Panel
This is a separate catalog for all the recitals that the Music Library has in its collection. This is for those who wish just to search for recitals and are having problems finding them in the main catalog.
Department: Music Library

Film Library Catalog | Control Panel
This is a database of the VHS and DVD collection of the Educational Films Library. Patrons can use the database to find films that maybe difficult to find in the main catalog.
Department: Educational Films

Simms Initiative Database | Also accessable from: simms.library.sc.edu
The Simms Initiative is a project with goal of digitizing the works for William Gilmore Simms and making it publicly available online for scholars around the world.
Department: Simms Initiative

USC Libraries New Books Database | Control Panel
The new books database is a collection of new library books and materials that is updated monthly. It's an easy to use database allowing patrons to view recent additions to the library collection. There are also several RSS feeds to allow patrons to be quickly updated about new items that have been added.
Department: Multiple USC Libraries

Departmental Applications and Databases

USC Libraries News & Event Feed | Control Panel
This is the news and events feed that allows library staff to communicate things happening at the library to patrons via the Internet.
Department: Multiple USC Libraries

Millennium Label Converter
This tool was written in order to take the pocket label output of the Millennium Catalog system and convert it into a format readable by the OCLC Label Printing Program. This application is restricted to staff use only.
Department: Binding & Preparations

Events Team Photo Database
This database was written in order to allow the Events Team to better manage their collection of photos from University and Library functions, events, and more. This application is restricted to staff use only.
Department: Multiple

Web Request System | Control Panel
This system is for library faculty and staff who manage and edit web pages to submit new pages, and other information to the library webmaster.
Department: Systems

USC Libraries Subject Indexes Database | Control Panel
This is for the multiple libraries across the USC system to have one database to share and compare subject indexes they offer for patron use and research.
Department: Multiple USC Libraries

Miscellaneous Applications and Databases

Annex Facility Electronic Document Delivery
This application is intended for the Library Annex Facility to electronically send documents to patrons.
Department: Annex Facility

File Sender
This is for library faculty and staff to send oversized documents to others on the Internet.
Department: Multiple

USC Libraries Computer Availability | Control Panel
This web database tracks the availability of public workstations throughout the USC Libraries system.
Department: Multiple USC Libraries